Good news everyone!  I am not sure how you ended up here but have no fear, your expenses are nonrefundable.  Even better, there is no reentry back to where you came from.  I’m also pretty sure the upper echelons of the internet are trying to build an inter-internet super highway through the path that this website sits on, so you might find yourself completely demolished before you get the chance to leave.

Don’t panic.  I’m sure if you stick around for a little while, you will find what you’ve been looking for (unless you’ve been looking for droids.  I had to cut them from the budget unfortunately.  So sorry.  They are not here.  Move along now).  My hobbies (though sadly not my talents) are multi-faceted, and I’d like to think I’ve got a little something for everyone if you look hard enough.  So enjoy your stay!  And remember, please keep your cursor inside the monitor at all times throughout the navigation.

There were no trees harmed in the making of this message, but I do apologize to the electrons that were inconvenienced.