Biweekly Check In

Let’s be honest.  I’m crap at doing these weekly check-ins on a weekly basis, so we’ll just aim for biweekly for a while and hope we’re still not disappointed.  Though I will hold on to my disappointment in myself with a tight grasp this week, as my progress on the trail is abysmal.  A reoccurring … More Biweekly Check In

Weekly Check-In

Cooking Light Annual Challenge Rundown: Sunday: Cheat Night – Smokey Bones (we are at the point now where almost every time we eat out, we wish we’d stayed home and cooked something instead.  We can’t wait to be old hermits living in the middle of nowhere lol.  But it was nice not to have to … More Weekly Check-In

Fitness Fiend

I’m not sure I have mentioned it or not (read: I have mentioned it several times to anyone who will listen, but I’m gonna say it again anyway), but this week was long.  When I wasn’t working, I was trying to catch up on my two page honey do list (I call it a do … More Fitness Fiend