One More Light

I remember when I first got Hybrid Theory.  I don’t remember how old I was.  I don’t even remember how I was listening to it.  But man, I remember my mom’s comment.  One Step Closer came over the speaker and I yelled along “Shut up when I’m talking to you.  SHUT UP!  SHUT UP!  SHUT … More One More Light

Finish It!

I’ve had an easy couple of months in the challenge front.  While my annual BikingTheTrail challenge has kicked my butt, my monthly challenges have been nonexistent.  For May, I’m turning it up to 11.  May is my ‘Finish It’ month.  All the projects that have been on my self-made honey do list all year?  I … More Finish It!

Biweekly Check In

Let’s be honest.  I’m crap at doing these weekly check-ins on a weekly basis, so we’ll just aim for biweekly for a while and hope we’re still not disappointed.  Though I will hold on to my disappointment in myself with a tight grasp this week, as my progress on the trail is abysmal.  A reoccurring … More Biweekly Check In


I don’t know why I have the instinct to call these the ironflats, but the term keeps surfacing to the tip of my tongue.  No matter what I inadvertently call them, they are awesome.  A part of Boulder’s city parks & rec (insert your favorite Leslie Knope quote here), the Flatirons are a sight to … More Flatirons