Talking As Fast As I Can

Talking As Fast As I CanAuthor: Lauren Graham
Rating: 4 / 5 stars
Verdict: Buy

I don’t know Lauren Graham.  I’ve never met her in real life.  I’ve never stalked her through the tabloids or through the interwebz.  But through this autobiography, I connected with her.  I have the same old crotchety inner voice that complains about kids these days and their social media and their inability to sit and have an evening with someone unless that someone is on the other end of their screen.  Most days, I feel a lot older than my twenty-some years.  I joke “These young whippersnappers” and complain about the “youths”.  No joke, OLJ is my new soul sister.  It is a device I might even steal and use for myself in a decade or two, if I haven’t become a hermit by then.

I feel like Graham’s a real-life person who just happens to act for a living, and isn’t a stereotypical “actress” and all the words the stereotype implies.  I loved the satirical section about the secrets of dieting in this book.  I laughed hard because I’ve heard them all as well and know they are useless.  And I laughed at the episode about what beauty means to the industry now, and how there is only one Betty White.  I feel like I could have brunch with Graham and actually find things to talk about, human to human, instead of celebrity to nobody.

All-in-all, I enjoyed this novel.  It’s charming and a little mainstream, but she breaks away from the mold as well and gets real with her readers.  She cashes in on her time at Gilmore Girls and Parenthood, but she also talks about her REI membership (I just got one myself and have to agree with everything she says).  If you aren’t a fan of her work and don’t know who she is, then I think the humor and voice she uses in this book will do nothing for you.  But if you know a wee bit of her history and her acting credits, I think you will find this novel endearing and charming.  And you might find a nugget of life truth, simple and yet somehow profound, for yourself.

If not, well, then… oy with the poodles already.


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