Wires and Nerve Vol 1

Wires and Nerves Vol 1Author: Marissa Meyer
Series: Wires & Nerve #1
Rating: 3.5 / 5 stars
Verdict: Borrow

“What is best for the few is not always best for the many.”

The gang is back!  Wires and Nerve is, in Meyer’s own words, fanfiction for her own writing.  It is a spinoff series of Lunar Chronicles that takes a new narrative spin.  This time we follow Iko, the lovable android.

In the wake of the Lunar Chronicles finale, Cinder is coming to terms with her new role as queen while already trying to find a way to get rid of her crown.  The biggest threat to her crown (and the safety of her friends) is the wolf-hybrid soldiers that the lunar leaders created before her reign.  While she hasn’t found a cure for their mutation, she hopes to bring them what peace she can offer them in their lives.  Some of them have other plans, though.

Enter Iko.  Feeling under utilized in the lunar capital, she volunteers to go to Earth to track down the trouble makers.  During her mission, she reunites with her former friends.  And, since we’re following on the heels of the Lunar Chronicles, there’s romance as well (which was a little weird for me, but okay).

While Wires and Nerve definitely carries some flaws (for example, some of the illustrations seem overly childish in order to show character emotion instead of using dialogue to make the emotion), I love the fact that we follow Iko.  While the story is mostly shallow and action-packed, there’s an underlying theme of what it means to be human and how AI might change that understanding in the future.  Plus, we got to spend time with Thorne and Cress again, so you know I’m good with that.  I think the plot and dialogue could have been done a little better, and some of the characterizations seemed to push the bounds of the characters developed in the original series, but it’s overall still an enjoyable, quick read.


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