It’s All About the Improvement

May was the month of Finish It and, alas, I did not finish it.  I am proud to say that I got a decent number of projects done, all things considered, but there was definitely room for improvement.  So this month’s challenge is an extension of last month’s.  Finish It Part 2.  I’m also going to start working on my abs for an upcoming Indian wedding and well.

Some of the projects I finished this month included:

  • Replaced my kitchen faucet
  • Replaced the cracked shower bar
  • Purchased a garage door (this might be my favorite thing accomplished.  Trying to woodwork in a garage with a current door that has a negative R value in the blazing summer heat is no fun at all)
  • Finished condensing our (monster) DVD and TV on DVD collection into DVD binders
  • Purchased a surround sound system (treat yoself) (Star Trek and Planet of the Apes will never sound the same again)
  • Built my much needed and long overdue cucumber trellises
  • Finished making and mounting our corbel light sconces for our bedroom (our very first woodworking project is in the books)
  • Purchased some power tools
  • Started volunteering to help advocate science literacy

This month I hope to tackle:

  • Purchasing a router and router table to kick the woodworking up to eleven
  • The garage door installation
  • Long overdue car maintenance
  • Making Bucky’s new cubby to replace her cheapo wireframe one
  • Designing and building a new entertainment system
  • Hurricane shutters (happy hurricane season!)
  • Replacing our wall oven and cooktop that predate the dinosaurs
  • Finishing my late spring cleaning purge



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