Bacteria, Baby Brain, and B*#&$

I’ve (once again) fallen behind on podcasts thanks to my recent binge in audiobooks (I’ll be back, don’t worry my love), but here are three of the best podcasts I listened to before I fell off the bandwagon:

Funky Hand Jive by RadioLab – what happens to your personal bacteria (did you know you have personal bacteria that dates back to the day you were born?  You likely inherited your mother’s bacteria type when she first held you) when you shake hands with someone?  Neilly makes a guest appearance, which I’m always down for.  Did you know that bacteria are thought to have a home field advantage?  now I imagine mine and nano hockey players

Fertility, Ovulation and Consumer Decision Making by Stuff to Blow Your Mind – does our menstruation (boys, look away) cycle impact our buying preferences?  Does it make us more aware of the opposite sex with regard to making possibilities?  And does it swing the way we vote?  The jury may still be out, but here’s some interesting research on the topic.

… and the runaway winner:

How Swearing Works by Stuff You Should Know – this one amazed me.  Your brain doesn’t even processing swearing as normal language.  No joke, another part of your brain processes swearing apart from language.  The cultural aspect of the taboo topic is fascinating as well.  Did you know more women confess to swearing at work than men do?  I’ve heard comedians joke about swearing, but the science behind it is just as interesting as the jokes are funny.


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