Finish It!

I’ve had an easy couple of months in the challenge front.  While my annual BikingTheTrail challenge has kicked my butt, my monthly challenges have been nonexistent.  For May, I’m turning it up to 11.  May is my ‘Finish It’ month.  All the projects that have been on my self-made honey do list all year?  I will knock them out of the yard this month.  All of them (perhaps a bit far reaching, but heck if I won’t try).  What is on this list you ask?  Take a deep breath, because here we go:

  • Replace the kitchen sink faucet (if I manage to do it without calling a plumber, expect a DIY tutorial soon.  And a little bit of gloating)
  • Deposit my rolled changed (this task is harder than you think when you live twenty miles away from your closest bank branch)
  • Kitchen cabinet caulking (say that ten times fast.  I started this task way back 2016 sometime and only got about twenty percent of the way through.  Finish it!)
  • Stove replacement
  • Oven replacement (the joys of having the original appliances in an old house.  It is going to be an expensive month.  Time to tighten the purse strings elsewhere.  Good thing I’m on a diet/slimdown)
  • Garage door replacement (see explanation/complaint above ^)
  • Build a pantry
  • Build an entertainment system
  • Make my kitchen sign
  • Make a cubby for Starbuck (she needs attention too)
  • Surround sound system (maybe?)
  • Clean the yard (a monster in itself)

Sleep is for suckers!

What’s on your spring cleaning list this month?


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