Cops, Climate Change, and Composting

I replaced the Bluetooth speaker I left in Colorado (sounds like the premise for a bad country song) and finally got back on the podcast wagon.  A recent business trip offered ample time to make a dint in my backlog.  There were a lot of interesting listens, but I have curated the list down to my top five:

Numero Uno:
Shots Fired: Part 1: from RadioLab
Oh man.  You guys.  Bring the tissues for this one.  This two part story was the first two episodes of this podcast I ever listened to.  They hooked me at the start.  I cried in the car driving to work.  But it’s an important story, one I don’t think a lot of privileged people see.  In fact, it is a story – a problem – the privileged so often scoff at and turn their heads.  I hope others will listen and see.

Numero Dos:
Composting: Nature’s Most Interesting Process from Stuff You Should Know
This podcast proved I have a long ways to go on my compost in the backyard.  I did not realize I need to turn it every day, or every other day if I feel lazy.  I… can’t remember the last time I turned mine.  October?  Maybe?  Which means my compost is a passive pile.  Hello, methane.  This podcast energizes me to get more active in my composting.  Now I just need the time to spend on it.  Wouldn’t it be nice if days were eight hours longer?  I would spend four of them sleeping, but the other four would shoot my productivity through the roof.

Numero Tres:
Global Perspective Climate Change Panel from Quirks & Quarks
A Canadian podcast talking to Chinese and Indian gentleman about their thoughts on how, among other issues, the United States looks in the global perspective on climate change.  Spoiler alert: it isn’t looking good, folks.

Numero Quatro:
Stranger in Paradise from RadioLab
My sample size is small so far (a total of three episodes), but RadioLab kills it, you guys.  This podcast tells the story of a national treasure of Guadeloupe.  A raccoon.  A friggin raccoon, y’all.  And you know what?  It was fascinating.  I never thought I could be immersed in a story about a raccoon, but they did it again.

Numero Cinco:
The Great American Eclipse – Be Part of It from Planetary Radio
Get ready for August.  Are you ready?  You don’t look ready.  I need to freshen up my solar glasses/looking box building techniques.  I haven’t seen an eclipse since… well, I don’t want to age myself.  But it’s been a while.  I can’t wait for this full eclipse.  Make sure you can reach totality if at all possible.  Nerds rejoice!


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