I don’t know why I have the instinct to call these the ironflats, but the term keeps surfacing to the tip of my tongue.  No matter what I inadvertently call them, they are awesome.  A part of Boulder’s city parks & rec (insert your favorite Leslie Knope quote here), the Flatirons are a sight to see if you are into nature.  We did a light hike our first day as – being a Florida native with little to no experience on the west coast – I was concerned about altitude sickness.  When the first of the snow storms missed us completely and afforded a day of cancelled plans (next time, Mesa Verde National Park), we went back to summit them.  Though we did not go with full climbing gear to reach the tippy top, we hiked the full trail to the summits as far as we could climb (I thought about quitting once or twice, but my hubby – let’s just call him Alex – pressed me on.  I’ll be forever grateful that he did.  It was well worth the massive migraine that night and the following morning).  Our first visit was a easy hike indeed, though I still felt winded and needed several water breaks.  Turns out spinning may do marvels for my lower legs, but it has left my upper legs for the large part underdeveloped.  I need to get a StairMaster instead.  The summit to Flatirons #1 and #2 was moderate to a heavier hike and left vertigo inclined little old me peeping over a sea of boulders and rocks as we ambled over them (though the dogs literally ran circles around me waiting for their respective owners along the way).

The Flatirons are part of Boulder, so they do not count as a national park or a state park.  They were not on my bucket list, but I had a blast and would recommend a visit.

Visit #1: Chautauqua Trail to Bluebell Baird Trail to Ski Jump Trail

Visit #2: Chautauqua Trail to Flatirons Loop (First and Second Flatirons)


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