Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

It’s a well known mantra, one I try to live by.  For Earth Day this year, it felt important.  It pushed its way from the subconscious of my mind, elbowing out my to-do lists and my mental grocery lists to plop down center stage.  It is a goal we should all work toward, and one we will never achieve completely as we can always do better.  And we must.

For Earth Day this year, I pledge to do better.  I sat in the passenger’s seat of my hubby’s – let’s just call him Abel – car, searching for news on the progress of the March for Science marches around the world.  We were stuck in inevitable weekend traffic, leaving lots of time.  I felt like I should have been on my bike instead of sitting in a gas gurgling vehicle, the A/C kicking a soft breeze in my sun-kissed face.  We covered over 50 miles on our trek home yesterday, however, so a bike ride would have been a bit impractical.  But I can do better.  I will do better.  For local trips to the library and the grocery store, I will take my bike.  I need the miles for my BikingTheTrail challenge anyway, so it’s a win-win and will be kinder on my knees than the spin bike has been.  We will collect the clean water that usually goes down the kitchen and bathroom drains and use it to feed our drought plagued crops (my cucumber’s are still limping along, but I don’t have much hope this year).  I will reuse the plastic fruit and vegetables bags at the grocery store more than once before I take them back to recycle.  I will also remember my reusable bags so I don’t end up with a horde of plastic grocery bags to take back as well.  I will keep searching for more and better ways to reduce my footprint.  That is my pledge, not just this weekend, but for this lifetime.

We only get one life on one planet (at least for this generation).  Let’s make it count!

What are some of the ways you reduce, reuse, and recycle?  Please share in the comments below, I am always looking for more ideas!


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