Weekly Check-In

I left my Bluetooth speaker in Coloradooooooo.  Sounds like a bad country song, right?  Still, I have to admit, the price of admission was worth it.  But since I have yet to replace it, my podcast enjoyment has been slim pickings.  While I don’t have a breakout listen this week (or last week), here are a pair of honorable mentions:

Ready For Space: LightSail 2 from Planetary Radio
I knew they were planning a second mission, but I did not realize the first one was already back in 2016 (boy, time flies) and that the next one is going to get strapped to a rocket in May.  I’ll be interested to see how this mission goes.  This is actually my first listen of this particular podcast.  A coworker mentioned it to me this week and so far, so good.

Probably Science – Episode 240 – Johnny Pemberton from Probably Science
Bees that play with balls and extrapolating truth from crowd-sourcing.  Need I say more?

Now for my personal growth check-in.

Progress on the Trail:
Thursday, 6 April:  9.23 miles
Friday, 7 April:  4.25 miles
Saturday, 8 April:  3.78 miles
Sunday, 9 April:  0.46 miles
Monday, 10 April:  8.76 miles
Tuesday, 11 April:  9.99 miles
Wednesday, 12 April:  9.37 miles
Thursday, 13 April:  3.51 miles
Friday, 14 April:  5.49 miles

Week Thirteen (1/2) – Fourteen Total: 54.84 miles
Distance to Go:  1,563.15 miles (2,190 miles total)


Cooking Light Annual Challenge Rundown:

Curried Lentil Soup with Yogurt and Cilantro:  Indian food is definitely growing on me.  I haven’t managed to up my spicy tolerance yet (my hubby – let’s just call him Walter – says I made the only bland Indian food he’s ever tasted) but I love the aromas of the other spices.  There’s something so fun about cooking Indian inspired dishes.  This dish is vegetarian, but if you lose the yogurt (Walter always omits the yogurt) and use vegetarian broth instead of chicken, you get vegan.

Lemon Couscous: This one is a little bland (could have used a little more of the orange juice), but then again couscous by nature is bland.  While Walter thought it needed extra flavoring, I liked it enough, though I’d be hesitant to try it again.

Tortellini Pepperoncini Salad: This one was a clear winner in our house, though the pepperoncini peppers had just a tad too much of a kick for my tasting pleasure.  I used whole wheat tortellini (extra fiber) and subbed grape tomatoes for the cherry ones.  Other than these little changes, I stuck to this recipe well and enjoyed the payoff.  It made great lunch leftovers as well.

Leek and Lima Bean Soup: Another somewhat surprising winner, leading me to believe I’ve been missing out by not adding more leeks to our meals before.  While not bursting with flavor, its subtle flavor, much like the leek soup I previously made, let’s this soup stand on its own two feet.  We made it vegetarian by omitting the bacon and using vegetable bouillon instead of chicken.  Forego the sour cream at the end and it can be vegan as well.