Well, it’s been more than a week, but I’m here and still kicking (even if the force behind my kicks has weakened).  It’s been tireless nights of work and exhaustion, but I think I’ve passed the zenith for the season.  An old childhood injury (thanks to the numerous organized sports I played and quit) flared up for a while, which altered my BikingTheTrail challenge.  While I still aim to travel the entire length of the AT, on days where my injuries keep me down or the availability of a bike is null, I will “cheat” and revert to my pedometer for the distance walked in the day.  Though I will no longer bike the trail, I will still traverse its distance, which I think is still an admirable goal.

Progress on the Trail:
Tuesday, 28 February: 3.46 miles
Wednesday, 1 March: 2.80 miles
Thursday, 2 March: 4.30 miles
Friday, 3 March: 7.70 miles
Saturday, 4 March: 5.35 miles
Sunday, 5 March: 2.80 miles
Monday, 6 March: 4.40 miles
Tuesday, 7 March: 6.39 miles
Wednesday, 8 March: 6.75 miles
Thursday, 9 March: 7.64 miles
Friday, 10 March: 4.22 miles
Saturday, 11 March: 6.48 miles
Sunday, 12 March: 5.31 miles
Monday, 13 March: 6.27 miles
Tuesday, 14 March: 6.67 miles
Wednesday, 15 March: 7.56 miles

Week Eight (1/2) – Ten (1/2) Total: 88.1 miles
Distance to Go:  1,759.55 miles (2,190 miles total)


Cooking Light Annual Challenge Rundown:
I’ve had a lot of pitfalls here as well.  I tackled some under the weather time, as well as some severe reactions to a medication which made it difficult to stand, let alone to cook.  So I won’t detail out all the days, but I will mentioned what I cook in the time that has passed.

Cold Noodle Salad with Sesame Crab: This was even better the next day for lunch.  If you have time, I would let it chill overnight.  We couldn’t find udon noodles at our local grocery store, so I used pad thai noodles, which seemed to work fine.  And fresh crab meat was way too expensive, so we got the imitation crab meat.  It worked just fine.

Burger Patty Salad: This recipe should be called the pita-less gyro.  I was halfway through making it when I realized I was crafting tzatziki sauce.  I used all ground turkey instead of beef and lamb, but it was delicious!  We are also not a big fan of kale after the “kale chips” incident of 2016, so we used leftover baby arugula instead.

Seared Mahimahi with Tomato-Cucumber Relish: this one was not our favorite, but I think it had more to do with the fact that we used free fish my boss caught out on his boat instead of mahi-mahi.  Our fish had little flavor and was mostly just “fishy”.  The salsa relish, though, was good.

Thai Braised Beef with Coconut Milk and Ginger: I had coconut milk leftover from the amazing rice previously, so I looked up Cooking Light recipes that included it and this one stood out (to be fair, there were only about five to choose from).  I did not, however, realize it would take over TWO HOURS to cook.  I thought I’d only picked 30 minutes or less recipes when preparing my shopping list for the week.  As such, this one was a little of a nightmare that included a two night ordeal to cook and reheat, but it was rather savory.  Not sure it was worth the time though.

Two-Cheese Mac and Cheese: I aim to post this recipe soon if I can spare the time to type it up.  Mac and cheese is my comfort food and with the hubby – let’s just call him Grendel – away for the evening, this one hit the spot.  Plus, it was a treat to take a break from work long enough to cook.





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