Spring Dun Sprung

In which Starbucks tries to wreck everything – but what else is new.

The turtles as pooping around the yard.  The fleas are a prancing on the back of our beagle and nipping at our knuckles while we sleep.  The rabbits are eyeing the new carrot garden bed with peaked interest.  And I fight a constant battle with the pollen (the flowers usually win).

Ahhh, spring. I don’t know if the groundhog saw his shadow this year.  In Florida, the cloud coverage somewhere in the forest in New England doesn’t make a lick of difference.  Our two weeks of winter have left the state, and spring dun sprung.

Last year my hubby – let’s just call him Omar – fielded most of the gardening work.  The tomatoes were his downfall (or rather, the caterpillars and other pesky insects that ate them and the mold that plagued them).  This year there isn’t a tomato seed in sight, and I’ve decided to throw my hat (the straw one, not the Stetson) into the gardening ring (i.e. raised garden bed).  Perhaps I went a bit crazy for my first attempt, but I’ve always been one to jump of the high dive without testing the low one first (which is how I almost broke my back on the swim team one summer).  We tore out the only grass that grows in our yard, threw it away, bought some cow manure and mushroom compost (we’ll see how that goes) and viola!

The corn sprouted before I dug up the plot for the cucumbers.  I’m hoping this livelihood means they are sturdy enough to take my abuse.  I imagine they will be the one crop to survive from my lot since Omar hates corn and I’m not sure what I’ll do with it all if it produces.  Irony is the name of the game this spring.

The chicken wire is the next project.  We thought we would need it to protect the crops from the vermin in our yard – the feral cats, the bouncy rabbits, and the lettuce chomping turtles.  Turns out the biggest threat to the garden is a vermin that lives inside the house – our dog.  She loves to burst across the freshly watered dirt, hunker down atop the saplings and grin her sharp teeth at them while she begs to play.  So far, the damage has been minimal, but I can project out the situation when the crops are growing tall.  Not a pretty picture.  And, during the winter, she learned how to jump into the raised garden bed to boot.  No crop is safe!

Happy spring!  What are all you other farmers planting this year?  Apart from our hotbox (my loving name for the starter greenhouse), we have cucumbers, corn, carrots, scallions, and cilantro in the works.  Here’s to a fruitful spring and a goal towards a sustainable garden!