I finally found a piece of artwork my hubby – let’s just call him Jeevan – finally let me buy.  It’s not a compliment to our Yosemite one in the living room, but it definitely matches our style.  Booya:

Love it.

Also, I’m finally on the bandwagon for decorating a baby’s bedroom.  I’ve always thought it was ridiculous to paint a baby’s room based on its sex.  To be fair, I still do.  But I’m coming around to decorating a child’s room.  I’m not going to be painting any walls pink or blue or light green or yellow, but I’m thinking we’re going to design our kid’s room (should we ever have on) like a spaceship.

Just imagine.  A black ceiling (once I get rid of this pesky popcorn ceiling – how did that ever become a fad?) with this monster design across almost the entirety:

That’s right. No stupid glow in the dark stars for my kid.  If your name is gonna be Luke Kirk [insert my last name here], you’re gonna be full on nerd.  I will, of course, install thick glass plates with water in between them to shield my baby from any radiation.  I’m not crazy.

And then, since you can’t just leave the walls completely bare, something along these lines:

Not this exact one in particular, because it wouldn’t make sense to have the earth both above and next to you in these viewpoints BUT you get the idea.

I’m half tempted to do this to my bedroom.  So much fun!


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