Weekly Check In

Cooking Light Annual Challenge Rundown:
: Green Crab Salad (sooooooo good for those who like seafood.  Definitely one I will make again.  I’m picky when it comes to avocado recipes, but this one was great.  Recipe coming soon).
Monday: Sweet Potato Salad (again winner, winner, chicken dinner.  Sweet potatoes are another iffy food for me, but they offer just the right amount of flavoring to this recipe without being overpowering.  And I love me some couscous.  Recipe coming soon).
Tuesday: Cheat Night (pizza)
Wednesday: Hubby Cooking Night (ravioli)
Thursday: Fancy Tofu Ramen (Asian style night!  I could have scarfed down the entire batch of this recipe if I wasn’t watching my weight.  As it was, I inhaled the leftovers for lunch on Friday.  Recipe coming soon.)
Friday: Weekend from Hell (pass day as we had no running water)
Saturday: Weekend from Hell (Cheat Night Out to celebrate the return of the running water.  You truly do not appreciate indoor plumbing and clean, running water until you suddenly are cut off without an easy way to fix it).

Progress on the Trail:
Sunday, 29 January: 13.85 miles
Monday, 30 January: 6.1 miles
Tuesday, 31 January: 6 miles
Wednesday, 01 February: 6 miles
Thursday, 02 February: 7.2 miles
Friday, 03 February: 6 miles
Saturday, 04 February: 0 miles

Week Four Total: 45.15 miles
Distance to Go:  1,961.20 miles (2,190 miles total)

I broke under the 2,000 mile mark this week.  On one hand, I feel it’s an accomplishment.  On the other, it reminds me just how far left I have to go.  Onward march!


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