Counters and Calories

Another day, another month.  Another month, another challenge.

So how did I do in January?  I shall use my favorite word from my podcast today: it was a “mixed bag”.

I didn’t technically finish any of the series I was hoping to (I did finally finish Gossip Girl at lunch today – if you don’t count the psycho killer book, which I don’t – but it was still technically 12 hours late.  I tried to finish last night but fell asleep 15 minutes too soon according to my kindle).

Here are the books I did read in series I am working on:

The Time Paradox

Only in Your Dreams
Would I Lie to You
Don’t You Forget About Me

Mind Games – not a series I was even considering continuing, but I hit Sherlock withdrawal and grabbed it.

Gregor and the Prophecy of Bane

Dark Days

What’s on the docket for this month?  Counters and calories.

Calories – my goal this month is to track every meal (and every snack) in my fitness tracker.  I’m still battling the holiday weight and I’m ready to turn the battles to the war.  I want to shave it off this month and a lot of that depends on holding myself accountable.  Today didn’t start on the best note as I couldn’t stop snacking on the chocolate chips (long story) at my desk, but I’m hoping to amp up my will power tomorrow.

Counters (and more importantly sink) – no going to bed with dirty dishes in the sink or on the counters/stove/etc.  I never used to be bad about this, but the busier life gets, the more the dishes stack up (literally and figuratively).  So this month, all dishes have to be cleaned up and washed by the end of the day.  Gonna be leaning on the hubby for this one.


Completely Unrelated Tangent:

In one of my science podcasts, I heard this morning that deep breathing can have a lot of health benefits, including a longer life.  So I started this morning at work.  My question, however, becomes if deep breathing still ups the longevity if you are inhaling stale cigar smoke, burning electronics, and jet exhaust.  Methinks not.  I might just let me allergies keep my nose stuffed up at work and do my deep breathing at home.  On that note, I’m hoping to get some yoga in tonight =)


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