Weekly Check-In

Cooking Light Annual Challenge Rundown:
: Cheat Night – Smokey Bones (we are at the point now where almost every time we eat out, we wish we’d stayed home and cooked something instead.  We can’t wait to be old hermits living in the middle of nowhere lol.  But it was nice not to have to worry about dishes for a night)
Monday: McDonald’s (don’t even want to talk about this night, ugh)
Tuesday: Chicken Soft Tacos
Wednesday: Pesto Pasta with Chicken and Tomatoes (yum yum in the tum tum)
Thursday: Seafood Salad (which resulted in jalapeno juice in my eye.  Fact of the day: did you know if you soak a paper towel in milk and then dab – do not rub! – it on the burning area, it will help alleviate the burn.  It will burn a little itself, but for a much shorter time span.  Then you just have to worry about getting the sticky milk off you)
Friday: leftover chicken tacos
Saturday: Cheat Night – Epic burritos out with my bro (a perfect way to end a start to watching A Series of Unfortunate Events and reliving our childhood)

Progress on the Trail:
Sunday, 15 January: 7.5 miles
Monday, 16 January: 0 miles
Tuesday, 17 January: 5.9 miles
Wednesday, 18 January: 0 miles
Thursday, 19 January: 7.5 miles
Friday, 20 January: 14.25 miles
Saturday, 21 January: 10 miles

Week Three Total: 45.15 miles
Distance to Go:  2,049.75 miles (2,190 miles total)

I had a couple of bad days this week (gotta love busy tax season) but I made up for it late in the week.  My legs are killing me, but I feel good.


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