Leek in the Boat

Am I the only one who has ever been embarrassed because I did not realize that navy beans are a misnomer?  I scoured the canned bean aisle in Publix searching high and low.  My eyes glazed past the red and white and the black beans.  I looked for a paper label on a steel can picturing a dark blue bean.  After a while, the stock boy working with the pinto beans took pity on my pathetic self.  He moseyed over, all polite like, and asked if I was finding everything I needed.  Not one to tough it out, I immediately admitted defeat.  Less than a second later, he pointed to the top shelf.  Sure enough, the label read navy beans.  But let me tell you, those friggin beans were not navy.  They are white.  Off white, cream, fifty shades of white, whatever.  But they were NOT navy.  I call B.S.

Other musings from the kitchen tonight:

If the pages of your cookbooks are not littered with slightly shriveled blots of dried up liquids or smears of unknown substances, you’re doing it wrong.  I somehow managed to get two blobs of juice on my cookbook tonight before I’d even started mixing ingredients together!  But I’m a pro [results will vary].

Tonight was a first for me.  First time cooking with leeks.  I’ll wait for the applause to die down.

Am I the only one who thinks of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs every time I hear the word ‘leek’?  At least I knew what those looked like going into the store, thus preventing a repeat embarrassment of the canned bean aisle in the produce department.

I love those movies so much.  The second one [which we got on Blu-Ray] is what I imagine everyday life looks like to people tripping on drugs like LCD [feel free to correct me if I’m wrong].

Another first tonight, I had to use a measuring tape to measure my casserole dishes.  I know what a 9 x 13 pan is, but this recipe called for a 11 x 7 [ha, 7-11] dish.  Which is just your basic large Correlle casserole dish.  In case you didn’t know.  I didn’t.

All that being said, look forward to my leek-goat cheese-artichoke-navy bean casserole recipe coming soon… assuming dinner tonight doesn’t suck.


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