A Million Worlds with You

a-million-worlds-with-youAuthor: Claudia Gray
Series: Firebird #3
Rating: 3 / 5 stars
Verdict: Borrow

But like I said – I had more urgent problems than my love life.  So did the rest of the multiverse.

Marguerite is on a quest – to save the multiverse from her evil other self and to win back her boyfriend who (after having his soul split into four pieces and then sandwiched back together) isn’t sure they are destined to be together anymore.

Thought lacking in many areas, A Million Worlds with You holds true to the series.  Readers who have loved the adventure from the start should love this conclusion that has Marguerite hoping through more universes than ever before.  My own opinion was a little more conflicted.  For one, this obvious typo annoyed me to no end:

Dimensional collapse would fold outward wthin – no. (pg 37)

Even my integrated spellcheck in WordPress found the blatant spelling error.

Then we get to the plot.  Am I the only one who realizes right off the bat that simply following in Wicked’s footsteps from universe to universe is the dumbest plan ever?  Let’s just do a little math/statistics.  If an alternate universe is created by each little decision made, then there are literally an infinite number of universes out there.  So why does Marguerite think for a second that chasing after Wicked and trying to save the other Marguerties right as they are poised to die is the best way to save the entire multiverse (and why does Wicked think this is the best way to end it)?  It makes no bloody sense.  When she finally realizes what the actual plan should be (about 90% of the way through the novel), I held up the book to the sky in relief as her stupidity finally ended.  Though I love getting to see the different manifestations of different universes, the plot was maddening (really just giving her a reason to fall goo-goo over Paul each time as he followed her into the universes).  Side note: am I the only one who thought they had no chemistry and loved the worlds where Marguerite was with Theo instead?  This series would have been better without any romance, period (though I realize that the romance is the main draw for a lot of people).

Even with all my complaining, this finale is still an enjoyable book.  Though it’s probably not a series I would reread, I love the fact that Gray brought the concept of the multiverse to the YA genre.  And I wholly preferred this series over the disappoint that was Dark Matter.  With very rare exceptions, I applaud all who bring legit sci-fi to young adult.


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