Rookie Mistakes

imag0271That moment when you realize that you are not a sou chef but rather a s*^& chef.  When you realize that perhaps ‘stir continuously’ for eight minutes might actually mean you need to pull up a bar stool and get Netflix going on the tablet and stir repeatedly until your arm (which already hurts from just the baseline of your first attempt at the Nike Training Club app) falls off.  Or at least call your husband – let’s just call him Elias – into the kitchen to help while you work on getting the rest of the casserole (do the cass-er-rollll) prepped to put in the oven so you can finally eat.

The good news is that my milk/flour mixture did, indeed, thicken as it was supposed to.  The bad news – if you cannot discern from the photo – is that it charred a nice brown layer to the bottom of the pot since I did not – you guessed it – stir it continuously for eight minutes. Because, come on:



Silver lining – I started soaking it as soon as it cooled down.  So, you know, hopefully a little (read: a lot) of elbow grease will buff it out.  But, if not, it’s just a pot from Ikea.  So, you know.  I’m all for being eco friendly and reducing, reusing, and recycling… but that sucker will go straight in the basura.


On a happier note, we went to Goodwill over the weekend.  I did not find any hiking boots (I was rather disappointed to see that all the women’s shoes were high heels/fancy ass shoes.  Which I don’t even wear to work.  But I digress).  But I did find this little gem:

$3.99 + tax.  That’s right.  Nerds of the 90s rejoice.  We have already gotten more value out of it than we paid for it.  Though Elias is not the self-proclaimed FRIENDS know-it-all he likes to tout.  Though he was pretty good, I’ll give him that.  I only just beat him.  I do believe, however, it was a case of beginner’s luck.  We are planning another rewatch of the show, and then I’m fairly certain he is gonna mop da floor with me as the youngsters say.  If the Nike Training Club doesn’t do me in first.  But more on that later.  I’ve got novels to write y’all, and unfortunately funerals don’t write themselves.


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