Training Day

My monthly challenge has already gone for broke (and, a bit ironically, for nothing it turned out.  But that’s a long story with a lot of complaining, so it’s best saved for another day.  Say, two weeks from never).  Long story sorta sort, I caved and had a Dr. Pepper.  Which lead to another.  And another.  And so let’s just forget about it and look forward to next month, shall we?  And since I’m being a bit more realistic, we aren’t going to be cutting caffeine next month if I’m going to be crossing time zones on a night before work.  So I’ll think of something else, and we’ll try these two beasts at a later time.

But I did get 11.6 miles out of my 15 miles of “biking” done earlier this week (it’s still too bloody hot to go outside and do much of anything, so I did the spin bike.  Sue me).  Gotta say, LOVE my new compression socks.  About 9 miles in, those puppies helped me eek out another few miles towards my goal.  I also learned a very important life lesson, which I am more than happy to share with you now.  Alcohol and step aerobics DO NOT MIX WELL.  Maybe if you treat yourself (quick tangent, I swear:

to a nice little ‘congrats you lazy bum, you actually did (part of) your workout today’ celebratory drink after you bail halfway through the beginner’s step aerobics video.  But – and I cannot stress this enough – don’t have a drink while surfin the internet and then decide a half hour later it might be a good time to try step aerobics for the first time.  I’m telling ya – don’t do it!

Though I about puked my brains out last night, I gotta say – I actually quite like step aerobics.  I’m just hoping it will translate well to hiking and that I won’t still get cramped up muscles all over my body next month.  Once I get past the beginner’s step aerobics, I’m gonna add wrist weights for arm strength (since I currently have zilch, nada, goose egg).

While my body is currently a walking target of which zones of muscles are going to ache beyond belief any given day, I do feel a little better.  A little healthier.  A little more fit.  I will conquer this hike, dang nab it!  That mountain will bow down to me.  And my doctor will say I am a freak of nature for how healthy I am.

In other news, my first reverse shameless plugging.  As much as I love my Vibrams monkey shoes, I will never, ever try to jam my dainty little feet into their insulated hiking shoes ever again.  Holy mother of Buddha, those were the most uncomfortable shoes I have ever tried on.  Even the pair two sizes too big were trying to guillotine my little baby toe off.  I couldn’t even get the heel in, let alone stand up to try to walk.  My weirdly wide one foot (the other one is perfectly normal, thank you very much) did not like any of the hiking shoes I tried on either, but I have not given up.  I’ve got like a month left so by George I’ll find something to wear.

Oh, and if anyone has any suggestions on brand/types of clothing, gear, etc. one should wear or pack for day hikes, please shoot out in the comments below.  This nature noob would be forever grateful.



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