All Eh That Ends Well

So I survived the monthly challenge from August. Just in time, too, because my husband – let’s just call him G – decided that he needed to get up at 5AM this morning to get into work early. To which I replied, “F that”. I’m paraphrasing, of course. I think. I don’t really recall, it was pretty late last night and I was dog tired.

I survived not snoozing, but I don’t think it did me a lick of good.  I didn’t get more exercise.  I didn’t end up being more productive.  I think Starbuck got more out of it than I did.  She enjoyed the extra snuggling and getting dog hair all over my work clothes since I was dressed a half an hour to forty five minutes before I actually had to leave for work.  Fun times, this past month.

I probably could have used the time to work on my writing.  I probably could have used it for a long of things.  I did get a little extra reading in.  But it usually just resulted in me staring at the inside of my eyelids and, let’s face it, that’s basically the same as sleeping.  So we’ll call it a bust, but at least I made it through.  Now time to move on.

Drum roll please.  September brings:

Or, actually, quite the opposite.  And we also need to substitute sugar for caffeine, kind of sort of.  But who can resist a Homestar Runner photo?  NO ONE.  Actual you youngsters out there probably have no bloody idea what I’m even talking about (this also applies to anyone that’s not a complete nerd.  Have I told the Trogdor story on the public transit in Calgary yet?  No?  Well, just you wait, it’s a doozy.  But for another time).  So just take it from me, it’s funny stuff.

September will be the month of no sodas (I am cheating a little and allowing the occasional energy drink, since next month will actually be no caffeine (which means I will get to use that picture again, thehehe)) <- forgot to close the second bracket the first time.  But you don’t see the blog editor giving me any errors for that.  It should.  Just in time for the annual writer’s conference (because who needs energy for that?!).  It’s a good thing this isn’t actually a thing:

I’m dying for a root beer already, but I’ve seen the video and watched the Mythbusters episode about what happens to a steak left in Coke, so I’m actually looking forward to this month.  G might even join me.  We really don’t drink much soda to begin with.  But, of course, ginger ale, root beer, and Coke products are all 50% off at the grocery right now.  So that’ll be the first test.  JUST SAY NO!  They should hire me at the ad counsel.  I’ll get my CV right over.  Just don’t ask me about energy drinks.  Not until October.



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