Draco Dormiens

Draco DormiensAuthor: Cassandra Claire
Series: Draco Trilogy #1
Rating: 2 / 5 stars
Verdict: Bury

Is this really what rose Claire to fame?  If so, it at least makes me hopeful.  Because I could definitely write something like this. If this is what it takes to become a National Bestselling author, I definitely will not be hanging up my hat anytime soon.  It wasn’t even edited well.  There were a lot of grammatical errors.  Sometimes things as simple as punctuation were even messed up.

I have two main disappoints with this novel (apart from the editing business):

    1. The dialogue.  It was a mix of campy and corny for the most part.  There were some great Fred and George lines that actually felt spot on characterization wise, but the rest was just bland.  A few lines stood out in the story, but they were stolen from other pop culture media!  I think that’s what upset me the most.  The one or two lines I really liked, Claire didn’t even write!
    2. The romance.  The plot of Draco and Harry switching bodies due to a Polyjuice Potion that doesn’t wear off was kind of weak but at least a little interesting when events lead to the Malfoy Manor.  But my God, the love triangle.  I’m all for character redemption for Draco Malfoy, but this just happened to be wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am and it was done.  His personalty changed with lightning speed, and Hermione was all up in his business.  And just Hermione’s character in general in this story; no thank you.  She goes from the rather independent, strong character Rowling built to this love obsessed teenager who can’t focus on anything but pining over Harry or Draco or both.

Claire had the potential for an interesting story, but everything just went sideways and the characters grew more and more unrealistic from what Rowling developed.  I guess this is a good reminder, though, of why I don’t typically read fan fiction.


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