August Challenge

So July has come and gone.  We survived the July monthly challenge, and I would go so far as to say that we “finished” it.  I say “finished” as we did not make the entire month without eating out.  I had a cheat day built in for my husband’s, let’s just call him Wes, birthday.  But then we also had to go check out an anime themed restaurant that took nostalgia to the super max while we had a friend visiting.  And Wes had a standing lunch date once a week for Del Taco (bleh) that his coworker said superseded my challenge and thus could not be reneged.  Wes also went to a work networking dinner.  So we kind of sort of did the challenge, though I would like it on the record I kind of sort of did it better.

I will say, you never notice just how many adverts and coupons you get for restaurants until you aren’t allowed to eat at any of those places while the deals are any good.  If I got one more coupon from Moe’s I was gonna to chew through my own arm in frustration.  I have to say though, at the end of the month, I didn’t really miss eating out.  Case and point, we ate out all weekend and I officially feel sick to my stomach from all the grease and fat and heavy ingredients (but man I love me that gyro from the local hole in the wall Greek place).

This month I’ve challenged myself to something even worse (because who isn’t a sucker for punishment?).  This month I’m not allowed to hit the snooze when my alarm goes off at douchebag o’clock (which is 6:04AM for anyone who didn’t know).  I already had a bit of a cheat day today, as Wes had to get up at even-doucher o’clock this morning (which is 5:07AM).  And after sleeping in until 7:27AM all weekend and yesterday (yes, that is what I classify as sleeping in, so shove off you lucky ducks), five AM was not happening this morning.  I was fully intent on laying in bed until six, and I have every intention of getting up when the alarm went off (I really didn’t though).  But then I was reminded by Wes that we have to manually operate the garage door at present, so if I didn’t get my lazy butt out of bed before he left, my car was going to be stuck in the garage and I was going to have to enlist the help of the ladder.  So yes, I cheated (just a little!) this morning.  Sue me.  But I’m still playing for keeps.

Oh, and for those of you who may not know, being a garage door operator is a serious arm workout.  I’m gonna have guns in no time, booyah.



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