Dream On

Author: Kerstin Gier
Series: The Silver Trilogy #2
Rating: 3 / 5 stars
Verdict: Borrow

One learns so much in dreams.  Things that no one else knows.

Liv’s life isn’t great, but it’s better than it was a little while ago.  Her rag tag band of dream walkers is no longer trying to make sacrifices to unleash a demon.  And Anabel is locked up, well away from Liv and her dreams.  And even though her mother is still dating and Liv is forced to have to merge her family painfully with his, she at least has a super cute boyfriend she can waste the hours away with dreaming.

Unfortunately, that’s about it for the plot of Dream On.  Though the others are less than tempted to continue through their dream doors after the events of the first novel in the series, Liv and Henry continue to dream explore, where they find an interesting and a bit mysterious and odd character.  And Liv’s sister starts to sleepwalk.  And the whole gang deals with the aftermath of the first novel.

While carrying over a lot of elements from Dream a Little Dream, Dream On feels like a filler novel.  The plot feels thin and doesn’t have much to hold your attention.  It leans heavily on the dream world to carry it along, and even there the mystery of Mia’s dreams isn’t all that exciting.  The only mystery in the waking world is Secrecy’s identity, and that doesn’t hold much suspense either.  The shiftiness in Henry’s character, and the deal with his family, is the only other area up for grabs and helps the plot limp along to the end.  Yet Dream On teases for bigger, badder things in the last installment, so it’s hard to give up hope on the series, even if Liv turns into a typical whiny teenager when things don’t start to go right in her personal and family lives in this novel.  Hopefully the last novel will make reading this one worth it, and really build on the storylines that Gier slowly weaved through this one.


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