Author: Susan Dennard
Series: Witchlands #1
Rating: 4.5 / 5 stars
Verdict: Buy

She was trapped here, inside herself.  Forever, she would be this person.  Stuck within this body and this mind.  Tied down by her own mistakes and broken promises.

If you can get over the initial I-have-no-idea-what-is-going-on-what-do-all-these-terms-mean, Truthwitch is quite a good read.  It takes a little while to get into, with slow explanations to all the different types of witches, and all the different political players in this game of clashing kingdoms.  But I think I much prefer this steady stream of information as it unwinds naturally through the story than the initial info dump at the beginning that a lot of authors tend to do.

Safi is interesting because she is flawed and relatable.  To some extent, Iseult is as well, though I think she’s a little less flawed.  She’s more cloaked in darkness, with her full potential yet to be revealed it seems.

I think the only thing that Truthwitch suffers from, that other readers might not even notice, is that the plot may not make the most of sense.  If we have these aetherwitches that can control winds/air/etc., I feel like there was a much simpler way to fulfill the plot of this story and the contract regarding Safi than boats and piracy and huge foxes, etc.  I realize why Dennard added all those elements in, but to me it didn’t seem like the most logical decisions on the characters’ parts sometimes.

Overall, however, it rarely draws away from the story.  And the romance doesn’t stifle the plot either, which is a refreshing change though there is some for romance readers.  I think the bond between Safi and Iseult is stronger than any romantic relationship in the story, and the characters introduced along the way, whether as romantic interests or not, are dynamic enough to hold their own in the story.

Though I wasn’t sure about this story in the beginning, it definitely won me over by the end.  I look forward to the next installment.


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