You Know You Love Me

Author: Cecily von Ziegesar
Series: Gossip Girl #2
Rating: 3 / 5 stars
Verdict: Borrow

And Blair was still starring in the most depressing movie ever made.  The movie that was her life.

Just in case you were wondering if You Know You Love Me is full of beautiful prose, the quote above should give you a hint.  But it also hints to as why I continued to like this guilty pleasure the second time around.  It’s kind of fun to watch their train wreck of lives fall apart around them.  This time, we focus mainly on Blair.

Blair is definitely not have a good time.  She’s insecure with her relationship of Nate, yet doesn’t seem inclined to breaking up with the cheating scumbag.  Instead, she still seems determined to lose her virginity to him, even though he gave his V card to her best friend.  Also, Nate is making a new female friend, while Blair is still blaming all of her relationship problems on Serena.

As if the drama with Nate isn’t enough, Blair also has to deal with her mother getting married (on her birthday no less) to a guy she really doesn’t care for, and she has to worry about inheriting a new step brother.  Oh, and admissions to Yale.  And a film festival at school, apparently, too.  But even though she’s got all this drama going on, it’s still kind of hard to feel sorry for her, because 1) she’s so desperate to have sex with Nate that her relationship with him is really her own personality trait and 2) the only other parts of her personality that chip the surface are off putting as well.

The other characters are just as annoying as before as well.  Jenny is still obsessed with hanging out with the cool kids, and now she’s dreaming of kissing Nate even though she knows he’s in a relationship.  Dan still trips over his drooling tongue if he even thinks about Serena.  Vanessa is desperate to get Dan’s attention even though she has a boyfriend now.

And Blair and Chuck, from the cover?  Not even a thing at all in this story.  This cover makes absolutely no sense whatsoever to the story.


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