Yes Please

Author: Amy Poehler
Rating: 3.5 / 5 stars
Verdict: Borrow

This is definitely a novel to listen to as an audiobook instead of reading as a typed novel.  For one, you get the awesome guest stars (a few from SNL that I don’t even know, but are still a hoot to listen to) that read part of the novel to you, along with Amy herself.  That definitely makes the story more interesting, especially with her parents even chipping in a few times.

I will say I watched Parks & Rec and found it entertaining, though it is definitely not a show I would watch over and over.  I never got into SNL, so I really only know Poehler from that, and considering how annoying her character could be in that show, I wasn’t one hundred percent sure that I would enjoy this novel.  After all, with so many celebrities and comedians writing autobiographies these days, I feel like I have to pick and choose which ones I want to bother with and which ones to skip.  After all, I’m not all that impressed with the over-inflated industry that entertainment has become in our country, and I’m definitely not impressed by all the name dropping and stories about hanging out with famous people (which Poehler does a bit in this novel).

Still, there are some interesting personal stories in this autobiography, and I do have to give it to her for not giving up on her dreams.  I certainly wouldn’t have moved to the nasty city that is New York City and lived in the unfavorably neighborhoods and worked terrible jobs just to chase my dream of improv and acting.  She, like me, was driven to make ground in a male dominated industry, and she refused to let anything stand in her way.  So though I am less than impressed with her stories of driving drunk and all the drugs she tried, I am certainly impressed by the path she took to get to where she is today.  And while this novel is far from the laugh riot that is Jim Gaffigan’s novels on food and parenting, I still chuckled aloud in some places.

Just, for the love of all that is sacred, skip the last chapter that she reads aloud at the (Something) Citizens’ Brigade.  It’s like a terrible sitcom with a laugh track in the background since it is read live.  People keep laughing, loudly, and I hardly found any of those part even remotely humorous (but perhaps that is just me).  It was hard for me to get to, and since I borrowed it from the library, I’m not even sure I actually finished.  I think someone mercifully scratched the last track for me and saved me the rest of that part.


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