Don’t Look Now

Author: Michelle Gagnon
Series: PERSEFoNE #2
Rating: 3.5 / 5 stars
Verdict: Buy

Noa and Peter find themselves on the opposite sides of the country fighting the same battle in this sequel to Don’t Turn Around.  While Peter tends to stick to his hacking guns in Don’t Look Now, Noa turns more towards a Sydney Bristow lifestyle as she and Zeke get a little more up close and personal as they try to protect the street kids from a fate similar to their own, all the while still trying to take down the Project.

While Don’t Look Now expands into two love triangles which is not exactly exciting for me, it does give Gagnon a chance to expand some of the minor characters from the first novel in the series.  Amanda certainly plays a bigger role, and the new character introduced towards the end of Don’t Look Now, Zeke, comes into his own role as well.  While Amanda was not one of my favorite characters in Don’t Look Now after what she did to Peter, you do have to feel sorry for her as her story unfolds.

Don’t Look Now also brings intrigue to minor characters that stay side characters.  I look specifically to Mason and Peter’s parents at this point.  Even though they may not play pivotal roles with a lot of face time in the novel, they are certainly developed into more than one dimensional characters and Mason in particular is an interesting character as he still carries an air of mystery around him about where his true intentions and motives lie.

While some of the novelty of the teen hackers has worn off some by the end of Don’t Look Now, it doesn’t suffer from a sophomore slump so to speak.  The pace falls off in a few spots which caused some lag in my reading, but overall still an interesting read and fast paced and action packed in parts.  The ending leaves you wondering how the trilogy is going to end, and I for one and waiting to find out.


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