Author: Heather Anastasui
Series: Glitch #1
Rating: 2 / 5 stars
Verdict: Bury

My feelings towards Glitch parallel my feelings for Ignite Me, which is rather ironic as I read them simultaneously.  A base plot that seemed to offer promise, the premise of the novel got too bogged down in romantic entanglements and poor execution to really be enjoyable.  The fact that the cover was soooo pretty that it blinded my judgement did not help either.

The premise of the novel reminded me of Scott Westefeld’s Uglies series, which was my first true dabble into the dsytopian society universe all those many moons ago.  But then Anastasiu added another element to the mix, as if that type of plot would not be compelling enough or not complex enough.  For good measure, Anastasiu threw in the paranormal element as well, similar to Westerfeld’s Midnighters trilogy to keep of the comparison.  And while Uglies and Midnighters were both sound series, throw them together, and Westerfeld would have given himself the same mess that Anastasiu ended up with (with perhaps a little less romantic sap).

It’s hard to give a blow by blow review of Glitch because the novel never really engaged me, and reading it felt more like a homework assignment than anything else.  While Zoe started off potentially as an interesting character, she never grew any potential and gave a lackluster performance.  She meets Adrien and almost instantly falls for him, but circumstances change and then all the sudden she finds herself with Max (still not 100% sure I know how that happened).  Both of them are glitching as well and so they each have the capacity to feel things, so of course Max is pressuring her to do more (which is what a good boyfriend does, of course), but Zoe is still having feelings for the mysterious Adrien that keeps propping up and blah blah blah blah blah.  The characters never got any development or depth, and the suspense element never kicked in even though the series had a potential for a wickedly interesting and terrifying plot because it centered too much on Zoe/Adrien/Max and less on the implications of what that type of society leads to.  And when Anastasiu finally does get around to that part of the plot, I was already so fed up I just wanted it to end.  Even the ending was a lackluster performance, resulting in a series I am dumping after the first shot.



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