My Unfair Godmother

Author: Janette Rallison
Series: My Fair Godmother #2
Rating: 2.5 / 5 stars
Verdict: Bury

Chrissy Everstar is back, and is just as impatient and quick to flick her wand as usual.  I fell in love with the quirky fair godmother with the first novel in this series as Rallison tangled some beloved fairy tales into the life of one Savannah Delano.  A sucker for fractured fairy tales, the comedy and chaos that Rallison delivered in My Fair Godmother made me want seconds.

Unfortunately, some of the charm and magic that Rallison was able to deliver with Savannah and gang was lost in translation with the introduction of a new main character in the form of Tansy Miller.  While you instantly feel sorry for Tansy and her issues with her parents (particularly her remarried father), she doesn’t deliver as much to the novel as Savannah did.  And some of Chrissy’s charm of crossing different fairy tales together as she botches wish after wish after wish does not translate well in this novel.  While the style of writing and the character of Chrissy is the same, the novel overall doesn’t carry the same humor and charm that drew me into Rallison.

Unfortunately what was left was a mediocre plot with characters that were interesting enough but not particularly engaging.  I was rather disappointed, as Robin Hood is perhaps my second favorite children’s hero/story I grew up with, right behind Peter Pan.  And while the novel included Robbin Hoodlum and his Merry Man that robbed from the rich, but gave only to their poor selves, the charm of these beloved and slightly backwards characters from childhood stories just wasn’t the same this time around in Chrissy’s extra credit project.


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