Death Note, Volume 10

Author: Tsugumi Ohba

Series: Death Note #10
Rating: 3 / 5 stars
Verdict: Borrow
The game is still afoot!  Near is closing in on Kira, and Mello is getting closer by following Near (which seams to defeat the whole pretense of them being rivals to see who can figure out who is Kira first).  Light has passed possession of the Death Note onto someone he can only hope is a true believer and who can understand Kira’s intentions… but having to relinquish his power definitely has to be a bruise to his ego.  And, Light runs into an old friend and might just have found a way to throw some of the suspicion away from him.  I have to admit, with Light’s ego being as big as it is, it does seem pretty suspicious that the original L would be the only one who would have found out the truth by now…

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