Fruits Basket, Volume 7

Author: Natsuki Takaya

Series: Fruits Basket #7
Rating: 3.5 / 5 stars
Verdict: Buy
Well, the first portion of this volume starts out with the introduction of yet a new annoying character in the form of Hiro.  This little kid is such a rude little punk that if I were in this manga, I would Kyo kick him in the face.  Tohru, probably the single most polite and nicest girl in the world (if she actually existed) tries to be nothing but nice to Hiro, and he is just bossy and rude and even kicks her in the leg!  And he claims it is because he is jealous with her relationship with Kisa and sure, his back story is a little sad, but still.  That doesn’t give him an excuse for being such a douchy prick.  The editor who screams, wails, and cries over every single thing also makes a return, so we have not just a new annoying character introduced but the return of an old one as well.
The middle of this volume is its redeeming factor, and luckily it takes up most of the volume.  While I don’t believe for a second that Tohru’s mom could have gone from such a BA gang member to such a loving and protective mom, I still like the back story, especially how it involves Tohru’s original besties who never seem to get enough love with all these Zodiac characters around.  And the back story in this volume is actually pretty descent and touching.
The final chapter of this volume returns me to eye rolls and being annoyed, as it is the return of the Yuki fan club AND the old class president who has a bromance crush on Yuki as well.  I like to pretend the last whole chapter of this volume doesn’t exist, and that makes it a little more pleasant overall.

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