Author: Ann Aguirre

Series: Razorland #1
Rating: 3 / 5 stars
Verdict: Borrow
I have read this book once before, but wanted to reread it so it was fresh in my mind when I started Outpost.  I have to say, this book did not leave much of an impression on me the first time around.  I hardly remembered anything besides vague, general plot details.  I didn’t remember the character names, even the main ones.  And I certainly didn’t recall the ending.
With all that being said, it isn’t a bad read.  It just isn’t a very impactful book.  While not quite as cliche as most of the YA dystopian novels out there this day and age, the excitement level just wasn’t there for me.  While I liked the main character, although I think the name of Deuce is absurd, I never found myself attached to her, so I never really got invested into her cause.  Ditto on the other characters as well.  It is not that the characters were one directional or annoying, it was just that the book was missing a spark.
The plot and development is solid enough that I think the author shows promise for developing the series and maybe diving deeper into my interest, so I am still planning on reading the second in the series.

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