Wide-Awake Princess

Author: E.D. Baker
Series: The Wide-Awake Princess #1
Rating: 3 / 5 Stars
Verdict: Borrow

I have to say, I loved the beginning of this book and the ending. The middle part is what took me a while to get through. While nothing like the story of Sleeping Beauty I heard growing up (for instance, I did not even realize she had a younger sister, and I didn’t think her name was Gwen), I liked the premise of the tale. But the plot seemed to lose me a bit in the middle, which is why I didn’t like the book any more than I did.

I feel like the book could have been shorter and the story not necessarily condensed but less all over the place. While I am generally a fan of fractured fairy tales, this book seemed to take it a little too far. I was great with the idea when it was just the story of Sleeping Beauty. But then the author went a little crazy towards the middle and threw in the frog princess, the princess and the pea, and Rapunzel, all fairly close to each other. The middle chunk of this book was rather a mess, especially with the sheer number of princes Annie racked up to get to the castle at the end.

While not one of my favorite fairy tales retold, it was still a fun read, and the ending made it worth it. I don’t see it being a good series, though, and I doubt I will be reading the next installment, Unlocking the Spell, even though I already have it checked out of the library.


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