Author: Amy Kathleen Ryan
Series: Sky Chasers #2
Rating: 4 / 5 Stars
Verdict: Buy

Now this is what I am talking about. One of my biggest complaints about the first book in the series, Glow, was that it had a little too much teen romance for my liking. While the subtext still exists in this book (after all, Waverly’s relationship with the Mather’s turning Kieran had to be resolved, and then – of course – there was the issue of Seth as well) this volume of the series is packed with a lot more action and inner and intra ship politics than worrying about who likes who. As it should be. With the threat to the entire species on the line, no one should be thinking about their little romances.

Not quite full of twists and turns at every chapter, this book still takes you on a wild ride. You have the distrust with Anne Mather. You have the distrust growing in the ship between the Waverly-Sarah-rescued girls gang and Kieran and his league. And now you have the mistrust of Waverly of most of the crew for the unsettling question of why she left the parents behind. While the ending is not as satisfying as it should have been because it ends on quite a large cliffhanger, it makes sure I will be eagerly awaiting the next installment!

With a quick little post script, I do still have to complain that some of the science in this series seems far from sound, but my engineering brain is a little rusty and I don’t have time to actually work out the calculations myself, so I chose to continue to ignore those facts and remind myself what this book is – a light sci-fi young adult novel.


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